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About the Newport Global Summit

The Newport Global Summit is a two day event held annually in Newport, Rhode Island, at the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy since 2009.  The event was established to bring together leaders of the global economy to share knowledge and build bridges for cooperation through business opportunity and common purpose. 

Guests from previous events have commented that it is the entrepreneurial spirit and meaningful long term business relationships formed which sets this event apart from other events they have attended.  


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7Sisters, LLC Events

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  7 Sisters, LLC

7 Sisters, LLC

Mission Statement

7 Sisters, LLC was formed for the purpose of offering interactive forums to successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in a variety of industries throughout the world.  Participants derive value by engaging with others  and who have achieved success, but yet are still imbued with entrepreneurial spirit.  Speakers and participants exchange ideas and form new relationships as a result of the diversity of experience among attendees and their energy and creativity.  7 Sisters attracts participants who want to step out of their day-to-day environment and into a setting that stimulates new thinking and freshens perspective.


Events include the annual two-day Newport Global Summit held in Newport, Rhode Island each year since 2009 and smaller conferences and special briefings in and outside of the New York City.  Participation is by annual membership or event fee.


 Katharine (Kitty) B. Cushing, Managing Principal 7Sisters, LLC

Katharine (Kitty) B. Cushing, Managing Principal 7Sisters, LLC

7Sisters LLC was formed as an international advisory firm in 2011 with the primary purpose of helping U.S. companies broaden global business relationships in a world of increasing demand for adaptability. 

My own traditional business acumen was inspired by generations of great business leaders whom I have had the privilege to know. Among them, my own grandfather and great mentor, Forrester (Tim) Clark, was the CEO of HC Wainwright & Co, where I built the foundation of my business career.  My step-grandfather, Benjamin Brewster Jennings, Chairman of Socony, was one of the legendary Seven Sisters of the oil industry and one of the 4 partners to form ARAMCO (now by far the biggest energy company in the world).   This  great legacy of partnership is a symbol of our commitment to foster lasting global relationships.

7Sisters LLC has a broad and deep set of relationships with CEOs and family business enterprises from around the world.  We believe in bringing our clients and relationships together to share knowledge, and build bridges for cooperation. 

7Sisters LLC has led numerous investment forums, special briefings and global leadership retreats, most notably, the Newport Global Summit and U.S.-Arab Leadership Retreat, held at the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy in Newport, Rhode Island since 2009.

The 7Sisters LLC team is committed to building lasting strategic relationships between U.S. companies and global partners. We invite you to actively collaborate with us.


 Managing Principal, 7Sisters, llc 

Managing Principal, 7Sisters, LLC

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Newport, Rhode Island Directions:

To Newport, Rhode Island: Directions to and from Newport, Rhode Island are available   The Pell Center, Young Building, 518 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island, 02840: Driving south on Bellevue Avenue, turn left at 518 Bellevue.  The Pell Center is a rust colored mansion, the first building down the central drive.  Parking is available behind the building: see directions